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Our goal is to produce healthy bulldogs

Whether you want a bulldog as a family pet or you want a bulldog for working capabilities, we strive to produce a bulldog with great temperament, wide chest, big head, thick bones, with the ability to FREE WHELP, FREE BREED,  AND BE ABLE TO FUNCTION IN THIS EXTREME TEXAS HEAT.  We prefer our bulldogs to have that awesome BULLDOG look in the face, with the body to perform like a bulldog of old should.   When you and your family get a Diamond Dogge you wont be disappointed!

  We are always open to chat with new people and share ideas on how to better this wonderful breed. 

Please feel free to call or email anytime.


We are working on our bloodline,  creating a very consistent look, produced generation after generation.  We are always taking every step we can to improve and better our program,

Every single dog - Every single time


 If you are not familiar with an

Olde English Bulldogge

See Breed Info page for history and helpful info on

Olde English Bulldogges.